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Next Level Events (NLE) is an Atlanta based company that curates one-of-a-kind cultural and artisanal experiences for unique contemporary and urbane audiences.  While formally being founded by Craig M. Garrett in 2013, NLE has been curating unique experiences for private discerning audiences since 1994.  As the company has grown and expanded, the last few years have seen an expansion in concert promotions.


In addition to the larger concerts, NLE produces other unique events around Atlanta, and is expanding to other cities, that include Serenade Supper Cluban intimate fine dining experience based around live music, Love Bazaara day time experience that is the intersection of food, music, and art – performance and visual, as well as other uniquely tailored events for our clients. Client services include Concert Management, Curated Experiences, and Special Event management.



We deliver full service management for your artists and their team. Your artists receive VIP treatment from the minute they arrive in the event city. Next Level Events manages everything so your artist and the touring party can focus on creating exceptional content to the audience.  

Standard services include:

  • VIP level ground transportation
  • 4 & 5 star lodging
  • Backline
  • production services
  • Catered food service from sought-after local chef
  • Personalized services specific to the artist
  • Publicity and media services

Whether you are looking for a unique night on the town with your friends or that special someone to crafting personalized international trip experience unlike anything typical travel providers offer, we create once in a lifetime, magical experiences for individuals or groups.  




Craig M. Garrett

Craig M. Garrett

Managing Director/Principal

“Stop looking for the big things to create happiness. Most of the time it’s the small things right under our noses – sometimes literally – that provide us with the purest level of joy.”  

Craig M. Garrett has over 20 years experience, predominately in management positions at Fortune 500 companies.  Craig started out as an engineer and worked his way through various leadership roles, including leading $100M operations and being an Associate Director in a private equity practice for a privately held firm.  Craig brings this experience and connections to the concert business in a unique manner, setting a bar for quality that makes many artists and their management teams enjoy working with him.

After producing & curating several successful and well-received events in the Atlanta market over previous years, the founder, Craig Garrett “pulled a Dave Chappelle” and booked a one-way ticket to South Africa. He decided to use one of his favorite places on the planet to foster his creative thoughts about what he wanted to do with the next phase of his life. A few well-spent weeks sitting poolside on a dear friend’s verandah, Craig left his beloved muse, South Africa with a plan to grow Next Level Events into a thriving cultural contributor in Atlanta and other cities.

He remarked, “When I finally got on a plane to return home, I had a clear plan for Next Level Events. I was growing a side project, a passion even, into a viable and flourishing business  — which I could be proud of by contributing to Atlanta’s incredible cultural landscape. From that point on, it was deliberate and progressive. Every move would be strategic to grow the brand, improve the the overall experience and provide a platform for great musicianship, innovative artistry, dining and travel experiences readily accessible. NLE is committed to providing unsurpassed talent, content and experiences for the patrons and artists alike. That is my personal pledge and guiding principle.”

An avid SCUBA diver who volunteers as a Divemaster to the Handicapped SCUBA Association, Craig travels the globe exploring off the beaten path locations for new music, food, and experiences.  He is also a culinary aficionado known to host legendary dinner parties and cooking classes in his home.  Most nights, he can be found scouting new musical talent around the country, but Craig also volunteers with several organizations that he is extremely passionate about, including investing a lot of time as the Advisory Board Chair for WCLK 91.9 FM radio.

As Principal, Craig is responsible for:

  • Concert Management
  • Curated Experiences
  • Talent Aquisition
  • Being Positive & Professional


Eufaula K. Garrett

Sr. Encouragement Director

Eufaula S. Blackwell

Sr. Encouragement Director

David L. Garrett, III

Hospitality Consultant

Bronwyn Morgan

CEO Subkulture, Marketing & Branding Consultant

Steven Bailey

Asset Management

Ron Scott

Content Contributor

Dale Richardson, Esq.



Chef Hopeton S. Hibbert, Jr

Culinary Arts & Excellence

Tiffany Powell

Tiffany Powell Photography

Karen Wink

Wink Photography




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